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Introducing Rahim


We’re thrilled to welcome Rahim to Litmus! He’ll be joining us as a senior developer on our product team.


Rahim grew up on a small farm in rural Cambridgeshire, UK, but—much to his parents’ dismay—spent most of his time illuminated by the green glow of a CRT, and tinkering with code he didn’t yet understand. That was only the beginning of his love and interest in technology.

Before joining Litmus, Rahim spent over a decade consulting across a wide variety of industries, including consumer finance and pensions. While pensions may not be everyone’s idea of an exciting subject matter, it exposed him to an array of new technologies and design strategies—and it’s where his love of great UI, UX, and design grew.

In the past few years, Rahim co-founded EventLick, a crowd funding platform tailored to the unique needs of events, and worked as an interim CTO of Thortful, a community-driven marketplace for online greeting cards, which he took from prototype through to launch and eventual acquisition.

Since starting at Litmus, he’s already been involved in numerous projects. He’s been knee-deep in Job Board projects, protecting the Litmus Community against spam, and he’s currently focusing on the Litmus Partner APIs.

When he’s not geeking out over technology, Rahim’s passions lie in photography, tennis, and piano. He’s a huge foodie and is on a neverending mission to find the perfect burger—and he loves bread (he even bakes his own sourdough!). He considered his obsession with coffee extreme, until he started at Litmus and found himself surrounded by fellow aficionados—and even put to shame by an artisan roaster among the ranks!

Join us in welcoming Rahim to the team! Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter and say hello.


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