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Introducing Sam, Senior Developer


We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Litmus team—Sam. He’ll be joining the product team as a Senior Developer.

Welcome Sam to the team!

Sam has quite the list of places he’s called home. He grew up Chattanooga, Tennessee, but headed to New Orleans to attend college at Loyola New Orleans. He studied film there and worked on various film production jobs for sporting events, documentaries, and feature films.

After college, Sam moved to Chicago to pursue a career in design and motion graphics, and ended up getting a job almost immediately at a design firm. After becoming enamored by the development side of things, he left design behind in pursuit of programming. He spent the next four years consulting in Chicago for various firms, working first with PHP and shortly thereafter with Ruby on Rails.

Making his next move, Sam took a position at Collabnet in San Francisco. He worked with a small team of designers and developers on a new SaaS platform, which they built from scratch. After this, he moved onto a position at Yammer, where he was responsible for their central API—adding features, fixing issues, and improving the overall codebase.

With the ability to work remotely at his previous role (and now at Litmus!), Sam visited his wife’s home country of Ecuador and loved it—and decided to move and work from there. He’s currently based there—and is now working as a Senior Developer at Litmus.

Sam had been aware of Litmus for many years—and even used our tools during his design days! Since starting, he’s been involved in a handful of projects, including improvements to Scope and some major product enhancements (we’ll tell you about them soon!). Despite only being here a few weeks, Sam already feels like part of the Litmus family and said “everyone is so friendly and easygoing, and always glad to lend a hand when needed. The work is challenging, yet rewarding, always interesting, and there is always something to be learned.”

When he’s not moving or geeking out over programming, you can find Sam listening or jamming out to music. He’s been singing since he was 6 and playing the guitar and drums since he was 12. While he has a soft spot for the blues, he loves music from just about any genre—including punk rock, which he’s never quite grown out of.

Unsurprising due to all of his moves, Sam also loves traveling. He and his wife are currently planning a trip through South America in the near future. Sam also loves pizza and has to try it everywhere he visits.

Join us in welcoming Sam to the Litmus team!


Between catered lunches, top notch equipment, 28 vacation days, and so much more, Litmus is a great place to work. And, guess what? We’re hiring!

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Lauren Smith

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