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Introducing the Dark Mode Toolkit


We’ve talked a lot about Dark Mode in the past. We even released an ebook going over everything you need to know about Dark Mode emails. But not everyone can go from zero to full Dark Mode support, even with the help of a comprehensive ebook.

That’s why we put together the Dark Mode Toolkit (which includes said ebook!). We wanted to give you not only the knowledge to get started with Dark Mode, but also the code and examples, too. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Our ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode Email, which goes over the what, why, and how behind killer Dark Mode campaigns
  • A 1-hour recording walking you through how to take a standard email and add Dark Mode support
  • Code snippets to help you add Dark Mode support to existing campaigns
  • And a full Dark Mode-ready email template that you can build on today

Download the Dark Mode Toolkit and get a headstart on creating amazing subscriber experiences even when the (virtual) lights are turned off.

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