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Litmus Live 2018 Golden Ticket Giveaway: The Email and the Winners

Every year leading up to our conferences, we hold a Golden Ticket Giveaway. It’s our way of giving the community a chance to score free tickets to Litmus Live. Just as the Golden Ticket contest has become a tradition at Litmus, so has the email that announces it.

Here’s what we did this year.

An Interactive Journey: Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember those popular “Choose your own adventure” books? Yep, we loved them, too, which is why we used them as inspiration for this year’s Golden Ticket campaign. Featuring an interactive journey, subscribers could choose either an Email Marketer or Email Developer path to answer a set of quiz questions—all without ever leaving their inbox.

Once subscribers answered all the questions correctly, they would be deemed the Ultimate Email Superhero and could share their success on Twitter. Curious how exactly we built this interactive email? You can read all about it on the Litmus Community.

But now, on to the announcement of the lucky contest winners!

And The Winners Are…

  • Bryon Taylor
  • Jadwiga Sinoradzka
  • Michelle Miles
    • Thank you to everyone who entered, and even if you didn’t win this time, we have some good news for you: there are still tickets left to our Boston and San Francisco conferences! Get them while they last, because Litmus Live London has just sold out.

      We hope to see you there!

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