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Litmus Live 2019: The Topics We Want to See On Stage

It’s official: Litmus Live 2019 is coming to London, Boston, and San Francisco.

We pride ourselves on creating a community-driven conference. All three events are attended by some of the most passionate email geeks in the world. Perhaps more importantly, the speakers in all three cities are pulled from the community, too. The folks you see on stage are the same people who spend their working lives in the email weeds. They are the ones thinking through campaigns, strategizing, writing, designing, developing, and analyzing emails every day of the week. We’re looking for people like you!

Want to share your passion for email on the Litmus Live stage? Submit your proposal for speaking at Litmus Live 2019 today.

Who should submit?

Throwing your hat into the ring to speak at a conference can be challenging. But—as we’ve heard from our past speakers—it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Last year, I attended Litmus Live as a speaker and got to experience a whole new side of the event. As a first-time (slightly nervous!) speaker, I was blown away by the support and encouragement of both the staff and the attendees. I was able to connect with people on a deeper level and truly enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the community. Overall, the experience was inspiring, educational, and empowering.

– Melanie Kinney, past speaker

The main things we look for in speakers are enthusiasm and a passion for helping subscribers. We want people who truly care about improving email up on stage: people that take pride in their email programs, aren’t afraid of tackling interesting and challenging problems, and have learned something along their email journey they feel everyone should know.

Beyond that, we don’t care what your title is, which industry you work in, or whether or not you have past speaking experience. We’re here to help you to put together the perfect talk. If you’re a first-time speaker, we’ll give you all the support you need to feel comfortable taking the stage. So your enthusiasm for email and your topic are paramount.

If any of the above sounds like you, we hope to see your proposal soon. Not sure where to start when putting your session proposal together? Check out our post on crafting the perfect proposal for tips on getting our attention and providing value for attendees.

Topics we’d love to see

Litmus Live runs the gamut of email topics. Although we have perennial favorites like responsive design, interactivity, and measuring campaigns, we pay attention to trends and interesting challenges and opportunities in the industry and incorporate those into the agenda. While we still love (and look forward to) seeing some of those favorite topics in the submissions, here are some of the topics we think attendees would like to learn about in 2019.

Building the foundation for high-performing email programs. What’s the best way to align people, tools, and processes? Especially as email becomes more integrated with other channels, we’d love to see folks talking about:

  • Email’s role in omnichannel marketing
  • Optimizing the email production workflow
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Educating stakeholders and clients
  • Getting investment in your email program

Accessibility and inclusive design. We’ve had a few talks over the years on making accessible emails, but we’re really interested to see how people are creating more diverse and inclusive emails. Have any experience with the following?

  • Developing accessible email templates
  • Designing for differently abled users
  • Building a diverse email team
  • Localizing content for different audiences
  • Crafting more inclusive emails through language and imagery
  • Using email to affect social change

Sending emails at scale. High-volume email programs have unique considerations, from designing and producing emails to team collaboration, deliverability, and legal challenges. We’ve had a number of requests for sessions on:

  • Using design systems to scale email production
  • Working across large organizations to plan, produce, and send campaigns
  • Tackling the challenges of being a high-volume sender
  • Navigating the complexity of email marketing in a global world

Staying at the forefront of email innovation. Email marketing is constantly evolving. We want to hear from the brands that are pushing the email envelope, especially if you’re experimenting with any of the following:

  • Using interactivity and progressive enhancement in email
  • Emerging technologies like voice assistants
  • Machine learning and AI to help plan and produce campaigns
  • Using structured data to enhance campaigns for subscribers

This isn’t an exhaustive list of topics, so don’t feel like you have to submit a talk on any of the above. We love being surprised by proposals on topics we haven’t even thought about. Just think about the challenges you’ve faced and conquered—chances are that someone else is struggling with a similar problem.

How to submit

Before submitting your idea, we encourage you to read our post on crafting the perfect proposal. Once you feel comfortable, head over to the submission form and start filling it out. Keep in mind that the form does not save your progress, so if you navigate away from the page and come back, you’ll have to start over. A lot of past speakers have mentioned that it’s beneficial to look over the form, prep your answers outside of it, and then copy those over when you’re ready.

We’ll keep the call for proposals open for a month (until March 25th). We typically get over 200 proposals, which can take a few weeks to review. Although it may take a while to hear about your submission, we will let you know about your status either way. And don’t be worried if you see speaker announcements before hearing back from us—we work on a rolling basis of confirming speakers.

We’re looking forward to reviewing your submissions and planning out another great year of email learning at Litmus Live!

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Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez was the Community & Product Evangelist at Litmus