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Litmus Live Week: Take to the (Virtual) Stage!

Every year, Litmus Live brings together a global community of designers, developers, and marketers to celebrate all things email, and in 2020 we’re looking forward to hosting you on the (virtual) stage at Litmus Live Week in September. This five-day block of presentations will cover all aspects of the email creative process: design, code, strategy, planning, workflow, analytics, and more.

We’re happy to say that the Call for Speakers for Litmus Live Week is open from now until June 30, 2020! If you’ve got your topic ready to go, start crafting your proposal.

I was elated when I applied to speak 2019 and was selected! The online email community was so helpful in offering prep advice as was the Litmus conference staff. I would have been a nervous mess if it weren’t for the amazing friends I’ve made through the community. They made for a great pep squad and cheering section which gave me the extra stage confidence I needed.

– Bri Loesch, The Ohio State University

Looking for some inspiration?

We recently rolled out our Three Pillars of Email Marketing Success, focused on what happens before the send (pre), what happens after your message is sent (post), and how to leverage the power of email across other channels (perform). 

For Litmus Live Week, we want to see how your email team lives these practices. If you want to present but don’t know where to start, take a peek at some of the ideas below. Don’t be constrained to this list, though—any facet of email marketing that you have a passion for is something we want to hear about!

Pre: Share how you and your team optimize your pre-send process, in areas like copywriting, designing, QA and testing, and collaboration, with ideas to help create more effective campaigns. 

We’d love to hear about:

  • How you approach audience segmentation and targeting
  • What innovative coding and design techniques you use to make your emails stand out
  • How you make your email production process and workflow more streamlined
  • Your secrets for improved team collaboration

Post: We all know that your work isn’t done once you hit the send button. Focusing on finding insights and metrics of what recipients engage with, including everything from the links they’re clicking to the devices used, can help teams know what to continue doing—and what to optimize—for the future. 

How does your team collect data and turn it into action? We’d love to hear your stories about:

  • A/B and multivariate testing that helped you improve campaign performance
  • How you handle campaign reporting and metrics
  • Telling a story about your campaign performance, blending data to weave a narrative filled with insights and learnings 

Perform: Data and performance silos are no one’s friend in email marketing, but this also applies to each channel and step in your marketing strategy. Marketers, VPs, and CMOs can all benefit from knowing what works in an email program and leverage these insights to improve campaigns across all channels and help make smart budget decisions.

If you’re one of the brands that has mastered the art of cross-channel collaboration with email at the center, we’d love to hear from you. 

  • What steps you took to break down marketing silos—and what results you’ve seen in return
  • How email insights are impacting decision-making in other channels
  • Strategies around content creation—everything from copywriting to visual elements—and the role content plays in your marketing plans
  • Tacking budgeting and technology investments to allocate dollars and bandwidth to the right areas
  • How you’ve mastered campaign attribution and ROI

Ready to get started?

Head over to the proposal submission form! A quick 90-second video is a great idea to help convey the high points and takeaways from your session; you’ll find some notes about creating a video and hosting services on the submission form. 

We’ll keep the call for proposals open until June 30, 2020. It may take a few weeks to hear back, but we’ll let you know about your status either way. If your idea is selected, you’ll have the full resources of the Litmus team to help create an engaging session that calls on your passion and know-how to inspire others.

Submit your idea →

We’re looking forward to reviewing your submissions and can’t wait to put on an inspiring week full of insights and ideas this September!

Lauren Kremer

Lauren Kremer

Lauren Kremer was the Events Manager at Litmus