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Our Favorite Trends from Litmus Live

Every time a new year of Litmus Live conferences rolls around, we get nostalgic at Litmus. We’ve seen so many amazing talks from dozens of talented email marketers, it’s almost overwhelming to think about. It also makes it hard to pick our favorite sessions from each year. What we have been able to do, though, is identify some major trends that impact email marketers.

While we’ve talked about what we’d love to see on stage this year, what were some of the trends from 2018 that are still making waves in the email industry? In this post, we’ll look at three trends from last year’s Litmus Live (along with session videos!) and how those trends are making their way into this year’s agenda.

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Modular Design

The trend of modular design has been gaining momentum for a while now, especially as the email world catches up to the web development world, where atomic design and design systems are nearly commonplace. Two attendee-favorite speakers last year tackled the topic well.

In London,’s Fabio Carneiro looked at how a design system fueled by modular components can help fix the challenges that come with high-volume, enterprise email programs.

Tending towards the philosophical, Fabio did an amazing job laying out the goals and hurdles of defining and building out a design system that scales.

Taking a more practical approach, Jesse Blanner from Meredith Corporation looked at how to create more efficient workflows with the help of modular design.

Both talks made the case for using modular design—essentially thinking of email design as working with LEGO pieces of code—to create better workflows, more robust and well-tested emails, and, in the long run, happier subscribers.

It’s no surprise that this year’s speakers will continue developing this trend. Combined with development and usability topics like accessibility, it should make for some fascinating and practical sessions.

Onboarding and Lifecycle Emails

Onboarding and lifecycle emails are routinely ranked as some of the most valuable emails you can send. According to our friends at Campaign Monitor, automated lifecycle emails can generate 320% more revenue than other, non-automated emails. It’s also a topic we’ve discussed on the Litmus blog. It’s no wonder then that we’ve seen some great sessions on stage at Litmus Live about onboarding and lifecycle emails.

One of our favorites from last year was Chris Kaundart from Atlassian’s talk on making better onboarding emails through strategy, testing, and a little bit of experimentation.

We were so inspired by Chris’s talk—and our successful Live Optimization sessions—that we brought the topic to our first Live Optimization Webinar. With the help of email mastermind Val Geisler, we looked at a number of campaigns and discussed how to supercharge your welcome and onboarding emails.

We’re thrilled that Val decided to join us at Litmus Live this year to dig really deep into the topic of onboarding and lifecycle emails. She’ll be hosting an in-depth, interactive workshop in both Boston and San Francisco on the topic and teaching attendees how to reduce churn, drive business, and delight subscribers. Don’t miss out: Get your tickets today.

Omnichannel Marketing

Perhaps the biggest trend (and most popular buzzword) is omnichannel. Email’s role in omnichannel marketing—and how it affects both our campaigns and team dynamics—has been an increasingly hot topic. Last year, Lauren Kremer from ProQuest graced the stage of all three conferences, talking about the role of email in truly successful omnichannel campaigns.

Her takeaways inspired attendees on two continents to get back to the office and redefine how their email strategy works across team boundaries. We’re excited to have Lauren back for an exclusive workshop in Boston around growing and training your email team. And we’re equally excited to continue furthering the discussion around email and omnichannel marketing with sessions at Litmus Live this year.

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Jason Rodriguez

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