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[Report] How To Scale Your Email Program Without New Headcount


Ah, the perennial problem: You need to send more emails than ever, but you don’t have any room in the budget for additional headcount. You emphasize that you need more people to continue to grow and innovate your program, but it just isn’t in the cards.

The good news is, scaling your email program doesn’t always have to involve new headcount. There are absolutely ways to grow your department in other ways if adding full-time employees just isn’t an option at the moment: part-time employees, freelancers, agencies, and even the right processes and tools.

But how do you know what you should prioritize? In our ebook, “How to Scale Your Email Program Without New Headcount,” we use findings from our latest State of Email Survey to uncover:

  1. How sufficient resourcing and email effectiveness correlate
  2. How to resource your team for success (and yes, that doesn’t always mean adding more full-time employees)
  3. How to better leverage your tools to scale your email program

Download your copy today to get full access to the data and advice that will help you resource your email team and scale your email program successfully, no matter how.

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