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Team Spotlight: Meet Carin Slater

Email is at the heart of everything we do at Litmus. Our tools help email marketers send better campaigns, our Litmus Live events help level up email pros around the world, and email is our preferred way to build relationships with our customers and subscribers. It’s safe to say that without email, Litmus wouldn’t be here today.

That’s why we’re especially excited for this month’s Team Spotlight, which features the person behind the code of all of the emails here at Litmus: Carin Slater.

Carin is our Email Marketing Specialist and—along with Lily, Jaina, and the rest of the marketing team—helps us connect with folks through the power of HTML, CSS, and a little bit of VML for those extra tricky Outlook situations.

Check out the latest Team Spotlight to hear about Carin’s favorite thing to code in email, what makes working at Litmus so special, and what she likes to do outside of wrestling rendering issues or the latest interactive email techniques.

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Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez

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