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The Litmus Live Events That Got Us Through 2020

Litmus Live—our annual events devoted to all things email—looked a lot different this year. While we started off 2020 with big plans for in-person events, we had to completely rethink how we ran events in order to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what’s usually three conferences later on in the year turned into monthly online events dubbed Litmus Live Day (and a full week in September!).

Although it wasn’t exactly the same as getting together in London, Boston, or San Francisco, we were able to bring Litmus Live to more folks than ever virtually. And it helped everyone weather an otherwise extremely difficult year. While everyone had their own favorite Litmus Live Day and Week sessions, here were the five that really seemed to resonate with email geeks around the world.

May: Future-Proofing Your Email Marketing

In such uncertain times, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular Litmus Live sessions this year was May’s event on future-proofing email marketing efforts. Every team is looking for practical tips for navigating changes and challenges while scaling their email efforts. Which is probably why folks tuned in to hear how Fabio Carneiro uses design systems to plan for change at and our own CMO, Melissa Sargeant, talk to other CMOs about leading teams through unexpected challenges.

July: Understanding Email Technology and Tactics

Technology and tactics. Arguably the two key components of a truly successful email marketing program. Also two components with which a lot of email marketers struggle. That’s why we spent July’s Litmus Live Day focusing on five ways to systematically fix your tech stack—the technology part of the equation—and understanding one of the major tactics from 2020: Dark Mode. Revisit July’s Litmus Live Day sessions to see how email experts tackled both this past year.

August: Embracing Collaboration in Email Marketing

Email marketers are working with more people, departments, and stakeholders than ever—a trend we don’t think will change anytime soon. That’s why effective collaboration is key to successful email marketing programs. In August, we looked at how well-functioning teams tackled collaboration, especially by using tools like email templates, shared code libraries, and Visual Editor in Litmus Builder to scale their email production.

October: Planning for 2021

Planning has been a huge issue for email marketers in 2020. While we all tried to plan—and stick to those plans—throughout the year, 2020 through everything it could at us to destroy those plans. With optimism building for a better 2021, we spent some time looking at ways to plan for a better next year by talking about auditing your existing email program as well as how B2B marketers can learn from the B2C crowd about staying flexible.

November: Smart Strategies for ESP Migrations

As email marketers inched towards the end of 2020, many had ESP migrations on their minds. Budgets are being allocated and planning is in the air, which means that ESPs are likely to get swapped soon. So of course we spent November’s Litmus Live Day discussing how to both make a solid business case for switching ESPs as well as dishing about all of the problems (and solutions) you’re likely to face during a migration. Getting ready to jump ship to a new ESP in 2021? You should probably rewatch November’s sessions now…

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Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez

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