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The Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode Email


Dark Mode has email marketers scratching their heads (among other things in 2020). Where is it supported? What does it do to our email code? And—most importantly—how can we keep campaigns looking good even when the digital lights are switched off?

The good news is that Dark Mode doesn’t need to be confusing. With a basic understanding of support and a few simple design guidelines, every email marketer can lean into this increasingly popular trend.

Our new Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode Email makes it easy. Grab your copy to learn:

  • What Dark Mode is and why (and how many) subscribers are adopting it.
  • Which email clients support Dark Mode and what they do to your emails.
  • How to keep your campaigns on-brand and accessible in Dark Mode.
  • How to use CSS to customize your email for the ultimate Dark Mode experience.

Stop being afraid of the Dark (Mode) and put it to work in your next campaign.

Grab your free copy →

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez was the Community & Product Evangelist at Litmus