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Tips for an Effective 2021 Email Program: A Preview of October’s Litmus Live Day

The only thing we know about 2021 is … that it’s coming. Normally, email teams begin planning and creating content calendars months in advance, likely using a combo of business goals with knowledge of subscriber interactions and adding in new initiatives or attributes to test. Planning for 2021, though, has taken on a new form as we have the all-too-recent example of how things can change with no warning. So what can you do?

Now, more than ever, creating a strategy that plans for the future—but allows room for flexibility—will be key to continuing a successful email program. With the next Litmus Live Day on October 20th, we’ll give you ideas on using what you know from your customers, leveraging your budget strategically, and reviewing key facets of your email program to help you create solid deliverability goals. Best of all, it’s free!

Learn more—and get excited—about the two sessions in this month’s Litmus Live Day below.

The key to success: planning for flexibility

Emily McGuire, Founder of Flourish & Grit, has an extensive background in creating strategies for both retail and business customers. Her experience will be valuable to all marketers in the throes of prepping for next year’s campaigns. At this first session of Litmus Live Day, we’ll touch on:

  • Creating a flexible plan that combines prioritization of your business goals along with room for whatever may pop up
  • Using customer insights from engagement outside of the inbox as key elements to guide your strategies
  • Balancing budget of your email program within an overall omnichannel marketing mix, and how to approach updates throughout the year

Email audits, inside and outside of the inbox

The importance of reviewing your emails throughout the year extends beyond checking to make sure your templates are rendering properly. Kitty Bates, Content and Email Executive with The Typeface Group, will lead the second session and provide you with tips to create a top-down audit of your email program. You’ll learn about:

  • Analyzing your previous sends with a goal of identifying future optimizations
  • Considering the effect of non-inbox influences like lead generation or list acquisition forms and how these contribute to your email program
  • Documenting and transparency of your review efforts and how having these details accessible invites more ideas into your strategy

There’s still time to save your spot—for free—for Litmus Live Day. We’re looking forward to (virtually) seeing you on October 20th!