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We’re going live on YouTube


As a team, we’ve made a number of resolutions for 2021.

One of my own resolutions is to double down on educational content for email marketers. Sure, that means more blog posts, ebooks, webinars, and the like… but one area I want to focus on is growing the Litmus YouTube channel.

That’s going to start in earnest this week with a live stream of me coding an email from scratch. But that’s just to kick things off…

What to expect

Right now, the Litmus YouTube channel is mostly historical—with some product videos and old episodes of The Email Design Podcast (remember that?!?). Moving forward, we’ll be publishing a whole bunch of awesome videos for email marketers, designers, developers, and marketing leaders. They will be videos about the product and all of our features, sure, but also talks from past Litmus Live events and webinars, interviews with folks throughout the industry, quick tips for email marketers, and more.

And, every month, we’re bringing you two live streams to help round out your otherwise busy weeks.

On the second Friday of every month, I’ll be going live with a practical session—live coding, designing in real time, going through different marketing techniques, etc. It’s an awesome chance for you to hop on, see how email marketers get real work done, and ask questions throughout.

On the last Friday of every month, you can join us for our (patent-pending) Live Optimization sessions, where we gather some of the smartest folks in email to provide live feedback on real campaigns submitted by you, our fellow email geeks.

We’re open to your ideas about what should make its way to YouTube, though. We have a lot of ideas but know there’s probably something missing from our plans. That’s why we’re asking you to fill out a super quick survey to help us focus our efforts.

Follow Litmus on YouTube

The best way to stay up-to-date with Litmus on YouTube is by subscribing to our channel. You’ll get notified when we post new videos and schedule live streams, and you’ll be able to chat with us during live streams.

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And be sure to join me on Friday to see how I go about coding an HTML email from scratch.

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