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What’s New in Litmus Q3 2020: Webinar Recording + Q&A


It’s no secret that email marketers are incredibly busy. According to our State of Email Survey, 69% of teams have up to 10 emails in production at any given time, and it takes 53% of teams 2 weeks or more to produce just one of those emails. Add those factors to today’s climate—with tight resources and budgets—marketing teams need to get the most out of their existing headcount and tools, so they can continue to optimize and drive business results.

With the latest updates in Litmus, it’s never been easier to get high-performing campaigns to market faster—with no additional resources necessary. Litmus customer Joe Savitch from Altos joined us for our latest customer webinar all about the newest things you can do, including folder sharing, enhancements to Litmus Email Analytics, and Visual Editor in Litmus Builder.

Didn’t have a chance to watch the webinar live? Don’t worry. You can access the full recording and read the Q&A below.

Are you looking for the webinar slides? You can download them here.


A big thank you to everyone who chimed in during the webinar with a question! Here’s a recap of our answers to the most popular questions. Have any additional questions? Please leave them in the comments.

I’m a developer—why would I want my team to use Visual Editor?

With a tool like Visual Editor, developers can empower non-coders on their teams to utilize the templates they’ve already built to create emails. It not only helps scale output and get more emails out the door faster, but it gives developers time to focus on things like:

  1. Creating new templates, or making existing ones better
  2. Keeping templates up-to-date with new email clients, or clients and apps adding or dropping support for a feature
  3. Building creative one-off builds for major campaigns
  4. Going deeper with testing, dynamic content, and automation

This is definitely beneficial for them and by no means makes their jobs redundant. If anything, it elevates them.

Is Visual Editor a replacement for Litmus’ Code Editor?

We don’t see it that way! We see them as complementary to one another, two views into the same email for two different kinds of workflows. Developers and more tech savvy users can utilize the Code Editor to build templates and one-off emails, while less technical folks can use the Visual Editor. And, depending on your use case—you can quickly toggle between both of them!

Can you lock down parts of the email templates in Visual Editor so they aren’t able to be edited?

Yes. When you set up your email templates in Design Library, we automatically enable codeless, visual editing and lock down your brand guidelines—like font type and color. When teammates use these templates, these aspects won’t be editable in Visual Editor.

Plus, by using Partials, you can further lock down areas of your code, like footers.

Does Visual Editor work with Litmus’ ESP Sync feature?

Absolutely! Emails built using Visual Editor work with ESP Sync the same way that emails created in our Code Editor do, so there isn’t a new workflow to learn. Simply connect to your ESP and sync your email to your ESP with every save. No copy and paste or hopping between tools necessary!

Does Visual Editor work with lists made with custom images instead of bullets or numbers?

Yes, it does. Visual Editor automatically works with your existing templates—no need to tweak them! You can add and duplicate content with ordered lists, unordered lists, or table-based elements with custom images. So if you’ve coded your lists in a different way, you can still easily create or remove list items in Visual Editor.

Which plans are the latest features available for?

Both Visual Editor in Litmus Builder and the additions to Litmus Email Previews are available on all plans and trials. The latest enhancements to Litmus Email Analytics are available for anyone on a Plus or Enterprise plan; folder sharing and the account holder usage dashboard are both available exclusively for Enterprise plans.

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith is the VP of Acquisition & Lifecycle Marketing at Litmus