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What’s New in Litmus Builder


Building a great email is no easy feat—but it can be a whole lot easier if you have the right tools at your fingertips.

That’s why we developed Litmus Builder, the code editor built to help email designers and developers create better email, faster. With Builder, you can quickly build and test on the email clients that matter most to your audience, plus utilize reusable HTML and CSS code snippets and pre-tested templates to reduce errors and maintain brand consistency.

It’s chock-full of tools to improve your email development workflow—and today, we’re thrilled to announce new additions to the Builder feature set. Here’s what’s new in Litmus Builder.

Create Builder projects more easily

Drag and drop support
Say goodbye to the manual copy and paste process of getting your code into Builder. With drag and drop support, you can start a Builder project by simply dragging your HTML file onto the dashboard. It’s as easy as that!

Email in to Builder to start a project
Do you prefer sending your email into Builder directly from your email service provider? With the new Builder static email address you can do exactly that.

Customize Builder to your coding preferences

Every designer and developer has their own unique coding style and workflow.

While Builder already offered custom themes, font sizes, and the like, you can now customize Builder even further. Make Builder meet your personal coding preferences with soft-wrapping and custom indentation using tabs and spaces.

Build better emails, faster

Autocompletion for pre-existing CSS and images
Tired of writing the same lines of code over and over again? Speed up your development process with the addition of autocompletion support for pre-existing CSS and images. For any pre-existing CSS (whether embedded in <style> block, in the CSS tab, or in Partials), the values will be available as an autocomplete option when using class or id attributes.

Additionally, any images uploaded to Builder will have the image filename available as an autocomplete option for the source attribute, along with its width/height dimensions for width/height attributes and CSS properties.

Grid view dimensions calculator
Say goodbye to hopping back and forth between Builder and your editing software to discover the dimension of elements in your email. With the new grid view dimensions calculator in Builder, you can easily view the dimensions of specific elements in your email, such as a table cell or an image, with a simple hover.

Compiled and original HTML file display size
Get insights into how much of an impact using Partials, CSS inlining, and other compilation features have on the total weight of your markup. Use these insights to see if your email’s weight could impact loading speeds, and to make sure that you’re under Gmail’s 102KB display limit to prevent your email from being cropped.

More Email Previews—and contextual help to make troubleshooting easier

Mobile device views
We’re now offering even more Email Preview views in Litmus Builder. See exactly what your email looks like in popular email clients, including 25+ actual mobile devices with new support for device view in Email Previews for Builder.

Email Previews in pop up mode
If you prefer to pop up Builder in the preview pane while building, we now support Email Previews in the preview pane.

Contextual help when viewing specific email clients
See any errors while viewing your Email Previews? With the addition of contextual help in Litmus Builder, you’ll get optimization tips for tricky email clients to help you troubleshoot and fix issues and get your emails out the door, faster.

Seamless Integrations with Email Analytics and Checklist

Now it’s easier than ever to use Litmus Builder with other features in the Litmus Email Creative Platform. You can now create Email Analytics codes directly in Litmus Builder, saving you time and preventing copy and paste errors.

Plus, now you create a Builder project directly from an Email Preview in Litmus Checklist, allowing you to quickly iterate on your campaigns.

Creating better emails has never been easier. Sign up for a free trial of Litmus today.

Kevin Mandeville

Kevin Mandeville

Kevin Mandeville was a Product Manager at Litmus