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Integrate the Litmus Extension into your existing workflow to decrease turnaround time and reduce errors.

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Run and Review Email Previews directly on your desktop

  • Use Litmus Extension alongside any editor, your localhost, or task runner
  • Preview your local HTML emails in popular email clients and devices
  • Automatically generate Email Previews with a single click

Preview and test emails directly in your email service provider (ESP)

  • Test your campaign without leaving your ESP
  • Get previews of your email in popular email clients and devices
  • Validate that your links, images, and tracking work properly, and optimize your email’s load time
  • Instantly run a new test with every edit you make
  • Easily test versions of dynamic content in select ESPs

Join the designers and marketers who are using the Litmus Extension to streamline their email production process

Say goodbye to navigating between your email building tool and Litmus

Whether you’re using a local editor or prefer your ESP’s email editor to create your emails, with the Litmus Extension you can preview, troubleshoot, and optimize your email right where you build.

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