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Streamline your email workflow

Save time and reduce review cycles. Preview and test emails as you build in Mailchimp, without having to switch between tools.

Catch errors before you send

With 15,000+ possible email renderings, thorough testing is a must. With the Litmus Mailchimp integration, you can easily build customer love with emails that look great and perform everywhere.

Sync emails to Mailchimp in one click

Say goodbye to copying & pasting code from your email builder to Mailchimp. Sync code from Litmus to Mailchimp instantly. Once synced, any email change you make will update in Mailchimp, too.

Unlock your email productivity

  • Preview your email across 90+ email clients and devices without leaving Mailchimp.
  • Utilize Litmus Extension to get a guided check of the elements that are critical to email success.
  • Instantly sync your email from Litmus Builder to Mailchimp so all changes you make update without the hassle of copying and pasting code.
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See how Litmus has made a difference to marketers like you

Altos is an agency that takes pride in providing bespoke digital marketing solutions. Altos uses Litmus to collaborate effectively, efficiently create flawless emails, and gain the insights they need to be trusted advisors to their clients.

See how Altos took their email to new heights

“Litmus integrates with and enhances our email workflow without interrupting or taking it over. It allows us to create beautiful, responsive emails without intensive email development resources.”

Joe Savitch, Marketing Manager, Altos

Ready to get even more out of the emails you send through Mailchimp?