Getting greater returns from your campaigns starts with Litmus, the email marketing solution trusted by enterprises everywhere. Whether you need to increase conversions or improve collaboration across teams, Litmus gives you a better way to build, test, and cut through the clutter.

  • Customize workflows and email testing to ensure each message is heard
  • Maintain consistency with standardized tasks, templates, and brand settings
  • Get advanced analytics and insights to improve future campaigns
  • Control access and protect data with separate subaccounts, customizable security rules, advanced user permissions, and more

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Litmus Enterprise Customer

Add more power to your campaigns

Whether you use one email service provider or have ten different vendors, Litmus provides you with one seamless workflow to streamline your email marketing program. Speed up production with integrations to Salesforce, Eloqua, Acoustic, Marketo, Responsys, and more. With personalized training and a dedicated account manager, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Litmus Proof for Enterprises

Get emails out the door faster

Empower your entire team to create on-brand, high-performing emails. With the Visual Editor in Litmus Builder, anyone—no matter their technical skills—can quickly produce emails. Cut review cycles from hours to minutes with Litmus Proof, a centralized feedback tool available at the enterprise level only. Plus, integrate with Slack, Trello, and cloud storage to make workflows even faster.

Litmus analytics

Improve your entire marketing mix

Make your email marketing more effective than ever with advanced analytics. Litmus lets you quickly identify what works best on your most dependable channel—email—and then easily share and apply those insights across your entire marketing mix.


Tailored to your needs

Everything in Plus, and:

Custom Users

Custom Email Previews

Boost collaboration and reduce review cycles with Proof

Manage access and customize resources with Subaccounts

Standardize tasks, templates, and brand settings for consistency

Improve marketing efforts with valuable insights from every campaign

Keep data and assets secure with advanced security settings and user permissions

Speed up production with integrations into Enterprise-grade ESPs

Salesforce Marketing CloudOracle EloquaAcousticMarketoResponsys

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