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Email Marketing for the Travel Industry: 10 Things Travel Brands Should Know About Their Subscribers


Whether it’s inspirational newsletters that motivate subscribers to book their next vacation or transactional emails that support a customer before, during, and after a trip, the travel industry provides exciting email opportunities throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

On top of that, powerful imagery, the emotional nature of travel, and the broad range of options for personalization provide unlimited opportunities for email marketers to get creative with their email designs and messaging.

But despite these opportunities, travel brands’ emails are among the least effective when compared to other industries, according to IBM Marketing Cloud research. Too often, travel brands don’t meet their subscribers’ expectations—and that’s frustrating for both the subscriber and the travel marketer.

Insights to Improve Your Travel Emails

Are you working in the travel industry and wondering what you can do to improve your email campaigns’ performance? To better understand travelers’ email expectations, we asked over 600 Americans who booked travel in the past year about what they really look for when signing up for your travel emails.

Our research provides insights into what subscribers want from travel emails and highlights:

  • What motivates subscribers to sign up for travel emails
  • Why travel brands must focus their efforts on mobile email
  • How travel reasons impact decision-making processes (and what that means for crafting the perfect email)
  • Why timing and sending frequency matters to travel subscribers
  • And more

Here are the top 10 things travel brands must know about their subscribers, along with hands-on advice on how to translate customer expectations into email strategy.

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There’s more you can do to improve your travel emails

In addition to tightening up your travel messaging strategy, bring your email creation and optimization processes to the next level, too.

Leading travel brands, like Airbnb, Expedia, and Lonely Planet, trust Litmus to streamline their email processes and save hours on email production and testing time. Identify critical elements that affect email performance like campaign load time and incorrect links, create customized checklists, and utilize insights from 10+ years of best practices to get the next perfect travel email out the door, faster.

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