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The 2018 State of Email Report: Data, Trends, and Innovations Shaping the Email Industry

We’ve got an update!
Check out the 2020 State of Email report for the latest stats, trends, and advice.

The email landscape shifts a little every day. New clients and operating systems appear. Legacy platforms change or disappear. New laws, changing customer expectations, and evolving industry standards mean your work as an email marketer won’t be the same today as it was a year ago—or even a few months ago.

We know that staying on top of the ever-changing email world can seem impossible. That’s why every year, we round up all the data, trends, and innovations of the past 12 months into a one-stop resource: The Litmus State of Email Report.

The 2018 edition of the Litmus State of Email Report analyzes the biggest developments in email client news, market share insights, and key industry updates. Plus, we dive into what those changes mean for your email team and provide hands-on advice to help you stay at the forefront of email innovation.

  • Learn how the email client landscape changed and how these changes can impact your email design, development, and strategy.
  • Understand why inbox providers like Inbox by Gmail and Yahoo! Mail make it even easier to unsubscribe and learn why subscriber engagement has never been more crucial.
  • Understand how global privacy regulations are changing and what you need to do to stay on the right side of the law and avoid hefty fines.

Download your copy to get full access to the data and tips that will help you build a successful email program in 2018.

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Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht was the Senior Content & Lifecycle Campaigns Manager at Litmus