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2020 State of Email Report: The Beginning of a New Email Decade


It’s 2020 and the beginning of a new decade. What hasn’t changed over the last 10 years? Email continues to reign as the channel of choice for marketing and business communications for consumers in all age groups, long after everyone predicted it would die out.

This year’s edition of our State of Email report details the key information you’ve come to rely on like email client news and key industry updates, but for 2020, we also look into the future with the help of Litmus team members and top thought leaders around the email industry.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in this edition:

  • How to react to the most crucial email client updates
    The email client ecosystem continues to be fragmented and dynamic, but we’re starting to see trends that span across email clients: Support for AMP for Email moves beyond the Gmail Inbox, and more email clients offer support for Dark Mode.
  • How new privacy laws shape the email industry
    Marketers across the US spent the year learning about the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act (GDPR), the most sweeping set of regulations affecting consumer rights on data and privacy, including email data. We dig into the impact of both CCPA and GDPR on the email marketing industry.
  • How email marketing will evolve in the next decade
    Litmus’ resident experts teamed up with some of the best minds in the email industry to assess where email stands at the dawn of this new decade. The consensus: The future is bright for marketers who can adapt to new standards and build on them to prove their value to their customers, their companies, and the guardians of the inbox.

Download your free report for full access to the data and practical advice that will help you build a successful email program in 2020—and a strong foundation for the decade to come. (Spoiler alert: the future will be challenging, but rewarding!)

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