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Who Is Litmus, Anyway? 3 Common Litmus Myths, Busted


We recently asked our subscribers why they hadn’t yet signed up to try Litmus—after all, trying our tool is free. We like to think that our subscribers are all just as passionate about email as we are, so we were scratching our heads as to what was holding them back. We received hundreds of responses from our awesome community (thank you!) and it turns out, there are some myths and misconceptions about how Litmus makes your email better.

We’re debunking the three most common misconceptions we heard about what Litmus is and what Litmus does:

MYTH #1: Litmus sends your emails, like an Email Service Provider.

Let’s start with the most popular misconception by far. Nope, we don’t send email!

A lot goes into creating a smart, sophisticated email campaign before you click the send button. Which means there’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong along the way—the wrong link or a broken image can undo all your planning and hard work.

The average email marketing tool doesn’t check this for you, leaving you with the labor-intensive process of catching any issues before you send. Litmus helps you prevent errors and protect your brand experience by automating these tasks for you—and enables you to send better email, faster.

And the best part: Litmus works alongside any email marketing tool.

MYTH #2: Litmus only offers Email Previews (and you may already get those through an integration with your Email Service Provider).

It’s true that Email Previews let you check your email rendering in 70+ apps and devices, and that some of our partners offer them as an add-on. But if Email Previews is the only Litmus feature you use, you’re only leveraging a fraction of our powerful email creative platform that can help you build better email faster. Did you know that you can also:

  • Check for broken images, links, and web analytics tracking in Checklist?
  • Build more sophisticated emails in less time with Builder?
  • See which email apps and programs your subscribers use and how much time they spend reading your emails with Email Analytics?
  • Identify and fix issues that might send your email to the spam folder with Spam Testing?

Get a 3-minute overview of all the ways that Litmus can streamline and simplify your email workflow—watch the video.

MYTH #3: You only need Litmus the first time you build an email template.

Your email template might not change, but that doesn’t mean that the email clients you send to aren’t making changes to how they support email HTML (looking at you, Gmail). Your email template might not change, but every time links, content, and images are added to a template an email should be re-tested because new links and images put “inside” the template can break.

Litmus uses real-time email previews, so when you regularly test your emails, you’ll know immediately if there’s a change in an email client that could have a negative impact on your email’s rendering—and your subscribers’ experience with your brand.

Whether you’re focused on creating email for one company, or juggling multiple accounts as an agency, Litmus can simplify your email workflow by helping you test and verify every email is 100% correct before you send.

Still not convinced? Here are 8 more reasons why you should always test your templates.

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