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3 Things We Learned at Litmus Live London That You Should Put Into Action Today

Earlier this week, we brought together hundreds of email geeks for Litmus Live in London. We’re leaving London inspired by our amazing speakers and the countless conversation we had with our wonderful community. Here are our top three takeaways from Litmus Live London that you should put into action today.

1. Making our emails more accessible is our job.

Making emails more accessible isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s our job. Plus, making your emails more accessible actually isn’t that hard! Small changes to how you design and code your email can make a big difference to your audience.

2. Test everything.

Do buttons perform better than text links? Is it okay to send a really long email? Is it worth spending resources on making your campaigns interactive?

While we wish there was a universal answer to those questions, there just isn’t. It all comes down to your audience and how it engages with your emails. Whether you’re a copywriter, an email designer, or responsible for  your brand’s email strategy—make testing an integral part of your work, find out what works for your audience, and use those findings to educate and improve your emails over time.

3. You can only be successful if you work as a team.

Making an email program successful is a team effort—and that’s true for one-time decisions like choosing a new ESP as well the day-to-day routine of getting emails out the door. Talk to stakeholders within and outside of your team, encourage collaboration and be an advocate to help your team get access to the data they need to understand the impact of their work.


Good news: The #LitmusLive season isn’t over yet! We’ll continue the email geekery in San Francisco (September 21-22). A small number of tickets is still available.

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Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht was the Senior Content & Lifecycle Campaigns Manager at Litmus