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Are You Putting the 3 Pillars of Email Marketing Into Action?

You may have heard us talking about the 3 pillars of email marketing at different points, but may not know how to put them into practice. We’ve got you covered in our ebook, The 3 Pillars of Email Marketing.

Email delivers a consistently high average ROI, but there are ways to make your efforts go even further. By moving email to the center of your marketing machine and using efficient workflows and tools, you can turn email into an indispensable source of marketing insights. 

If you want to create campaigns that stand out and drive action, you need to implement the three pillars of email marketing. The Pre-Post-Perform framework helps your team harness the power of your subscribers, but it will require you to break out of your silos. Our three pillars of email marketing ebook takes a comprehensive look at how to assess and update your email program for 2020 and beyond.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • How to create a strong, yet streamlined, pre-send process. It takes a lot of work to get an email out the door, not to mention many teams are juggling multiple campaigns. We do a deep dive into the six steps in a reliable pre-send process and teach you how to audit and implement improvement opportunities.
  • How to use past campaigns to boost future performance. Does your past hold the key to your future? When it comes to email insights, the answer might be yes. There are three steps you need to take to find actionable insights from your email performance that you can use to improve campaigns continually.
  • How to use subscriber insights to improve other marketing channels. Your email list is an engaged segment of your target audience, which means they can teach you a lot about what drives results. Breaking down silos and sharing insights across teams helps your company make informed marketing decisions. Get our ebook to see examples of the three pillars in action and learn how to start using them today.

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The bonus? We know how crucial your ESPs are to the success of your email program. We’ve created a few different versions of the ebook to help you the most.

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Megan Moller

Megan Moller

Megan Moller was the Director, Content Marketing at Litmus