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[Ebook] Create Personalized Email Experiences That Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More


When was the last time you got an email that felt like it was made just for you? Maybe it included your first name, had content inspired by your last vacation or purchase, or even provided relevant information based on your geolocation.

All of those great experiences create moments to connect personally with each of your customers, so you can develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships. And they’re all possible because of dynamic content.

But how do you get started with dynamic content? What do you do with the data you have, and how do you get the data you need? We teamed up with our friends at Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help you personalize emails no matter your skill level. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the power of dynamic content or an expert looking to stay at the forefront of email innovation, this ebook has the resources you need to bring your campaigns to the next level. We cover:

  • Dynamic content for beginners. Learn how to implement simple first-name personalization and switch out other email copy dynamically. Everyone starts with “Hello %%first_name%%”!
  • Dynamic content for experienced users. Go beyond the basics and learn how to personalize imagery and entire content blocks. If you’re looking to use past purchase details to power product recommendations, want to develop a digest email summarizing weekly product usage, or get inspired on how other brands use more advanced dynamic content elements, this is for you.
  • Dynamic content for advanced users. Wrangling different types of data to shape complex, dynamic emails isn’t a challenge for you? Dive into the world of send time optimization (STO) and artificial intelligence (AI) and learn how to create meaningful, deeply personalized emails for each recipient.

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