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[Ebook] The Top 8 Email Campaigns from HubSpot & Litmus


Are you working hard to make your emails a little better every day? Us too. 

One of the best ways to drive email performance and improve campaigns is to put a laser-focus on the emails that really worked—the grand slam emails that outperformed other emails by a long shot. If you understand why these superstar campaigns resonate with your audience, you can use similar techniques to drive future email success. It’s a simple but powerful approach.

So what are the most successful campaigns we ever sent? In this ebook, the email marketing teams at Litmus and HubSpot share their proudest email moments, along with actionable advice on how to apply the strategies that worked for us to your campaigns, too.

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Together with HubSpot, we’ll walk through our best-performing email campaigns of all time and share…

  • The key metrics that prove campaign success
    Maybe we were trying to increase our click-through rate, grow our newsletter subscriber base, or create social activity on Twitter. No matter the goal, we let you know what metrics made these emails successful.
  • Our take on why those campaigns performed so well
    We’ll detail insights for each email—our goals, inspiration, and final takeaways—to show a full picture of each email and why it was successful for us.
  • How to apply similar strategies to your own emails
    We know that email marketing isn’t the same for every company, but strategies span across industries and expertise—and we’ll provide hands-on advice for applying similar copywriting tactics, design tricks, and campaign strategies for your future campaigns.

Ready to design, write, and build emails that engage your subscribers and drive results? The examples and advice from this ebook are a great starting point to provide inspiration for your next campaign.

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