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Embracing a New Era of Email Marketing

At Litmus, our passion lies in helping marketers efficiently create impactful emails. For over 15 years, we’ve collaborated with marketers worldwide, enabling them to craft incredible audience experiences. Email is at the core of any integrated marketing program, and the demands on marketing teams in terms of volume, quality, and outcomes have only increased. We recognized early on that testing emails before sending was crucial, and that’s why we expanded our focus to make the entire email workflow seamless, including building, designing, collaborating, gaining approvals, analyzing performance, and personalization for better business outcomes.

The release of the iPhone years ago transformed email marketing forever. With the rise of mobile, a growing list of email clients and providers, and increasing demands for personalized experiences, creating great email campaigns has become extremely complex. On average, marketers spend over two weeks on each email and manage multiple versions. The need to build, design, and test before it was “Safe to Send” became (and still is) core to effective email and multi-channel marketing.

Now, we’re at the next “Mobile Moment” with the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) set to revolutionize workflows, including email. We’re excited to explore how AI can make marketers more efficient, productive, and embrace a new era of email marketing from ideation to the inbox.

The rise of AI in content creation, dynamic content and personalization, and growth in low/no code email building, have created an increasing focus on email optimization and testing to ensure B2C and B2B brands alike can Make Every Send Count. With more people able to now create email, the risk and reality of the emails being broken and resulting in poor subscriber experiences (e.g., rendering and accessibility issues, broken links, spam filters, and off brand content) is extremely high.

We continue to focus our Litmus platform on ways to address these challenges and market dynamics facing marketers today and in the future. We’re thrilled to offer AI-powered solutions, such as Litmus Assistant, which optimizes subject lines and email content for engaging emails. AI Recommendations, a Litmus Personalize offering, empowers marketers to show customers what they want, crafting ideal shopper journeys and maximizing email-driven revenue. We are also launching two new major products at Litmus Live in September to help with these challenges; stay tuned!

As we engage with marketers worldwide, we understand that email quality expectations are higher than ever due to generative AI and advanced personalization. While AI is expected to increase email volume and speed, it will also add complexity and risks, requiring a balance of human and technical checks throughout the workflow and thorough email testing.

Our long-term vision is to address these challenges and more within the Litmus platform and work alongside marketers throughout their workflow. We aim to harness the power of AI and emerging technologies to create broader email workflow efficiencies, including inspired creative design solutions, intelligent issue identification and resolution, and faster collaboration for better ROI from your email program.

We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.

Erik Nierenberg
Litmus CEO

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Harness the power of AI personalization alongside our existing advanced email creation and testing capabilities to craft engaging, on-brand emails and make every send count™.

Erik Nierenberg

Erik Nierenberg

Erik Nierenberg is the CEO at Litmus