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The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails of April 2023


This month, we’re doing something a little different with our favorite emails. We asked our audience on Twitter to share with us their favorite examples of accessibility in email, and you delivered! From glorious explanations and illustrations of ALT text, to text-only variations, there’s lots to appreciate and learn from in this roundup. 

Read on to check out your favorite emails of April 2023!

Type E

Built by: @Paul_Airy

We love this email! Not only is it a great example of clean design that uses the principle of progressive enhancement (Carin Slater taught us a new word and now we’re never not using it), the content also discusses the guidelines that the email itself meets. 

Highlights include:

Check it out below!👇

See the email in action here.

Thanks for sharing, Paul Airy, otherwise known as the mind behind Beyond the Envelope™

The Exeter News

Built by: @wilbertheinen

In this awesome example of building for accessibility, Wilbert Heinen shares a design he built using Readermode for his Litmus Email Design Certification. Nice color contrast, clear button delineation, and clean code. We love the ability to toggle images on and off. 

See the email in action here.

Also, shoutout to the Dracula placeholder text. 🧛 Great share, Wilbert Heinen!

Pokémon Day

Built by: @arizdesign
Designed by: @worrelgurl

Gotta catch ‘em all! All the ways this email is accessible, that is. This email uses Futura for all live text, since it’s an Apple system font—with fallbacks to the Google font Jost supported in Outlook—so no surprises in inboxes there. And of course, there’s a Dark Mode version. Well done! 

See the email in action here.

The Poké Balls in the section dividers are such a great touch. Thanks for sharing, Emmanuel Arizmendi!

Stay tuned for next month!

And there you have it: your favorite accessible emails for April 2023! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite emails with us. Got another example you’d like us to feature? It’s not too late! Give us a shout on Twitter or LinkedIn, or carrier pigeon if you really feel like it. We love hearing from other email geeks. Show us your favorite emails, and we’d love to showcase them!

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