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The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails of Summer 2023


Welcome back to everyone’s favorite email roundup! It’s officially Vacay Season, so we opted to consolidate our favorite emails into one summertime showcase this year. You’d probably rather be laying poolside than looking at your inbox anyway… and honestly, same. 😅

But in between cleaning all the sand off our sandals and trying new ways of combining fruit juices, we collected the hottest emails of the summer. Peruse at your convenience. 

Here’s the Litmus team’s favorite emails of summer 2023! 🌴

Who Gives A Crap

Subject line: Life in plastic, isn’t fantastic

Preview text: No offense, Barbie

Tracie says: Content marketing at its finest! The subject line stood out in my inbox for a couple of reasons: 1) Super relevant since marketing around the movie “Barbie” has been everywhere lately, and 2) Who Gives A Crap found a way to promote one of their toilet paper’s key offerings—no plastic. The email also included an animated GIF meter and easy-to-hard ways subscribers can be more sustainable during Plastic Free July.

National Gallery of Art

Subject line: Leonardo da Vinci is on the move.

Preview text: Enjoy how art looks, feels, and sounds.

Hannah says: The subject line really hooked me! I also appreciate the variation in calls-to-action (CTAs)—especially the ticket lottery for DC’s well-loved Jazz in the Garden summer series.

Another fun detail is the email footer where they’ve included descriptions and links to the art featured in the email. It reminds me of footnotes in an academic paper and aligns with the museum’s brand and values.

Bard, an AI experiment by Google

Subject line: Just launched: More languages, countries, and possibilities

Preview text: Meet Bard’s new features.

Tracie says: The GIFs in the email demonstrate each new feature, making it easy for the user to follow along and give it a try themselves. There are also two direct CTA buttons that drive you to Bard for a test run.


Subject line: You deserve a bonus 🤗

Hannah says: I like the personalization with my name, and I’m pretty sure the product recommendation is personalized too (team bacon, egg, and cheese rise up). But what really stood out was how nice the email looked in Dark Mode. The transparent background on the image lets the visuals pop on both light and Dark Mode

Stay tuned for next month!

And there you have it: The Litmus Team’s favorite emails of summer 2023. Stay tuned for next month’s installment—we can’t wait to see what this fall has in store. 

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