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[AEMKT 201] Get Agile with Litmus: Webinar Recording + Q&A


Agile. Have you heard of it?

At its core, agile is about breaking things up into phases. Instead of doing it all at once, we work in chunks.

In marketing, agile gives you the ability to be flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of a business. It allows you to move quickly, tackle multiple tasks at the same time, and adapt to things that come up.

In short, it saves you time and allows you to get more done—without sacrificing quality.

In this webinar, Jonathan Harrell (Customer Success Manager at Litmus) and I talked about agile marketing and shared five ways you can use Litmus to speed up your whole email workflow.

Didn’t make the live webinar? That’s OK. We recorded the whole thing. Watch the recording here and check out the Q&A below.


Thank you to everyone who chimed in during the webinar with a question! Here’s a recap of our answers.

We’re currently running into spam issues with Gmail. What tools are available to help identify these spam flags?

Sorry to hear it! Litmus Test offers quick spam checks. But if you’re experiencing significant spam issues, our more thorough Spam Testing tool might do the trick (available on Litmus Plus and Enterprise plans). Litmus Spam Testing checks your email against 25+ different spam filters—then provides you with actionable recommendations for troubleshooting.

To access Spam Testing in Litmus, navigate to the Test section from the header menu. Then choose, “View and create spam tests.”

the Test section of the Litmus app

Is it best practice to wrap Snippets in tables, or does it not matter?

Short answer: It doesn’t matter! If you normally code your emails in tables, then wrap your Snippets in tables.

Our Email Marketing Specialist, Carin, walks through best practices for creating Snippets and Partials—including the pros and cons of <table> based modules vs. <tr> based modules—in this blog.

To make a Partial or Snippet, do you simply paste the code from a working section into a new Snippet code box?

Correct. When in the Litmus Design Library, you’ll see a button to create a new Snippet or Partial. Clicking that button will bring you to a screen where you can name your Snippet or Partial, give it a trigger (this is what you’ll use in Builder to “call” up the module), and insert the code.

Can Litmus Email Analytics track link performance?

Currently, Litmus Email Analytics doesn’t track link performance, although it’s something we’re looking into for the future.

Email Analytics will allow you to see unique opens for your email, how long subscribers spent reading your email, and geolocation and device data.

How can my team get started with agile marketing?

We hosted a great Agile 101 webinar with Raviv Turner from AgileSherpas. Check out the replay here.