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How Lenovo Saves Two Days of Email Troubleshooting Per Campaign with Litmus

Making sure your email looks great on all clients and devices is hard. Nearly 61% of marketers spend an hour or more on testing and troubleshooting for each campaign they send, according to our State of Email Workflows research. If your team sends a lot of email campaigns, this can easily add up to several days of troubleshooting each month—and ties up resources that could be better spent on other email projects.

The email team at Lenovo knows these challenges too well. With their high expectations on consistent brand experiences across all email clients and devices, thorough email testing plays a critical role in Lenovo’s email creation process. For a long time, Lenovo relied on manual email testing: Once an email was ready for proof, a test was sent to multiple members of the email team, who manually checked every single one for errors and rendering quirks. Routinely, an issue in one email client added hours of fixes and resulted in new proofs, which would start the cycle all over again.

As Lenovo’s email program grew—they’re now sending three to four campaigns every day—the team searched for ways to speed up the arduous testing and chose Litmus to automate their manual processes.

Ashley Morse, Email Designer & Developer at Lenovo, shares how her team uses Litmus to cut email testing and production time in half, increase productivity, and get quality emails out the door, faster.

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