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How Litmus Helps Whereoware Create Bulletproof Email Templates for Their Clients

As a full service digital agency, Whereoware knows that when it comes to providing email services, quality matters. Every email a client sends should look great and perform well, no matter where the client’s subscribers are opening the emails.

When Whereoware executes email campaigns for their clients from start to finish, it’s easy for them to keep full control over the quality assurance process. In other cases, however, clients rely on the agency to help them craft templates, but want to allow their teams to create and customize their campaigns internally. This is when keeping the email quality consistent can be a challenge for the agency team, especially when working for clients with limited HTML and CSS knowledge.

That’s why email templates must meet the highest standards to ensure that they not only work well and look great across all email clients, but are also easy to edit for clients that aren’t HTML wizards. That’s no easy task for Whereoware’s developers.

Creating bulletproof email templates with Litmus Builder

So, what’s Whereoware’s secret to building customizable templates that look great everywhere? The team relies on Litmus Builder to develop and thoroughly test every code snippet before it’s made available to their clients.

“By relying on Litmus-tested, re-usable email modules rather than building emails from scratch, we save hours of production time on every email we send.”
Dan Caro, Whereoware

Learn how Whereoware creates bulletproof email templates for their clients with Litmus Builder.

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Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht was the Senior Content & Lifecycle Campaigns Manager at Litmus