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How To Do Email Marketing—Fast


2020 has us asking a lot of questions. What do we do now? How can we pivot at a moment’s notice? Taking two weeks or more to produce a single email just doesn’t cut it anymore. At least not if you want to stay on top of constant change and get ahead of your competition. Enter the agile email workflow: your new way to create quality emails fast.

Check out our latest ebook, Going Agile: The New Email Workflow, to find out how you can make your email life easier one small step at a time with micro-efficiencies to quickly:

  • Develop the right email content and design strategy
  • Streamline the email production process
  • Get the feedback and approvals you need
  • Send and analyze emails without missing a beat

Plus, see the first-ever agile email marketing process chart—great to show stakeholders. And get bonus tips & tricks to help you go above and beyond (we promise the extra effort is worth it!).

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Magan Le

Magan Le

Magan Le was a Content Marketing Manager at Litmus