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Introducing Amir, Content Designer


Hello! My name is Amir and I’m the Content Designer here at Litmus.

As Content Designer my role is to visualize all of the marketing team’s efforts, such as blog post images, infographics, and ebooks, as well as further develop the Litmus brand.

Want a peek at what I’ve been working on? Well, for starters…that header image? Yep, that’s all my work. And, this ebook and landing page? Yes, that’s me, too.

Before life at Litmus…

I grew up in Wallingford, CT, a small suburban town that had a sweet indoor roller skating scene in the 90’s. Before Litmus, I worked as a designer at a marketing agency. My time at the agency taught me everything I know about quick thinking and functional solutions, and (of course!) about designing emails.

When I’m not working…

After hours not too much changes.

Design is still what I love to do well into the night. When I’m working on one of my “passion projects,” I like to structure them in ways that make me think and work in ways that are different than what I do during the day. For example, instead making illustrations at home, I’ll work on front-end dev projects. Having these fresh views and working on new skills makes being creative faster and easier.

When I’m not knee deep in pixels, I love being outside. Whether it’s taking pictures while hiking, working on my old Volkswagen Rabbit GTI, or trying not to fall while skateboarding, I enjoy the outdoors. And, when it’s time to come inside, I’m a big fan of Netflix documentaries.


Between catered lunches, top notch equipment, 28 vacation days, and so much more, Litmus is a great place to work. And, guess what? We’re hiring!

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