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Introducing John, Growth Director

Oh, hello there! Fancy seeing you here.

Thanks for popping in, I’m excited to finally get to meet you all.

(Err…does “meeting” still count even though it’s over the interwebs? …I think so!)

My name is John, Growth Director here at Litmus.

Who the Heck is John?


Well, for starters I grew up in suburban Connecticut, which I guess is a bit of an oxymoron, as the whole state is essentially a suburb. But it’s where I’m from, and where I still call home.

I originally went to school with aspirations of becoming a journalist, but after seeing how technology was transforming that industry, I saw marketing as an obvious extension and something I was passionate about.

However, that journalist DNA really never leaves you, and is why I’ve always been most focused on communicating a great and accurate story to the people who need it most. Whether it’s an email, blog post, or overall brand message, I like to say I’m a writer who does marketing, not the other way around.

My Role At Litmus

As Growth Director, I have the privilege of helping to spread the Litmus message to even more people who need our help.

(There are over 4 billion email accounts worldwide, so there are plenty!)

This means I’ll be working with others to think of new ways to reach people, helping to grow not only our footing in the email industry, but you as well.

It’s so easy to get behind a company with the vision of Make Email Better.

It’s simple, short, and a worthy cause considering that email is the holy grail of online communication.

The best part is joining such a brilliant group of people in carrying that message out.

Outside of Litmus

When I unplug, I tend to go very analog.

I’m a huge book nerd, and still to this day do not own a Kindle or anything of the like. I still love the feel and smell of books. (Yup, nerd.)

I also love playing music. I’ve been playing guitar for a little over 10 years, and when I plug in I tend to go heavy on 60s era blues.

Lastly, I’m a huge Yankee fan working for a company based out of Boston. Wish me luck!

Join me on the Litmus team!

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