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Introducing Mark, Systems Administrator


Hey all! I’m thrilled to introduce myself as Litmus’ System Administrator. My role is to manage the infrastructure and networks that run Litmus, working closely with our engineering team to ensure we continue to provide reliable and useful service as our user base continues to grow.

I’m an avid student of great thinkers like Eliyahu Goldratt, W. Edwards Deming, and Sidney Dekker, and enjoy pursuing the application of their work to system administration by delivering value through operational resilience. That being said, I prefer working for companies that are making people’s lives better and, as a former customer of Litmus, I’m thrilled to be a part of delivering this service to our customers.

Life before Litmus

Prior to joining the team at Litmus, I’ve worked in a variety of email-related operations capacities for nearly twenty years (something I try to avoid thinking too hard about). I’ve worked as a system administrator for a range of organizations including ISPs, CDNs, web startups, and software vendors. Much of that time has involved managing email, both as a receiver and a sender, including overseeing mail delivery for high volume senders, like and Groupon.

I’ve also done a fair amount of web operations work for startups, content delivery networks, and more. My most recent role was with Message Systems, which included overseeing the launch of their new Sparkpost service and building out their Operations and Site Reliability Engineering teams.

When I’m not working…

On a more personal level, I’ve lived a few places, but for just over a year now my family and I have lived in Kansas City (on the Missouri side), which has been fantastic. I am a big fan of craftsmanship in almost any form, and Kansas City provides many opportunities for that. We have more great coffee shops than I can find time to visit. We also have great microbreweries, jazz clubs, art, and local food.

When not working, my favorite hobby is indulging my curiosity, which means I have a litany of very diverse interests. Most commonly though I’m usually reading, enjoying a great movie or board game with my family, or doing some woodworking.


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