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Introducing Tyler, Ann, and Daniel


We’re thrilled to introduce Tyler, Ann, and Daniel—the newest additions to the Litmus family.


Along with the rest of our finance team, Tyler guards the budget and makes sure we have the funds to do everything we can to make email better (and have some fun). He previously worked at a financial firm specializing in startups and small companies, so he knows how we think and how we budget.

At Litmus, he’s in charge of all aspects of our accounts, particularly accounts receivable and annual account billing.

A Massachusetts native, Tyler grew up outside Boston and graduated with a degree in economics from UMASS Lowell. Outside of work, he’s a huge Boston sports fan, and can often be found cheering on the Pats or Sox with his three brothers. Whether it’s biking, hiking, swimming, or taking his puppy for a walk, Tyler also enjoys the outdoors. When he’s not venturing outside, he’s most likely heads down in a book—he loves reading in his spare time!


Ann keeps us sane, happy, and well-fed as our office manager extraordinaire in Boston. Whether she’s helping us plan events, ordering essential snack supplies, or arranging our daily meals together, we couldn’t make email better without her!

Though she hails from outside of Boston, she’s lived all over the world: in London, Tokyo, and Singapore. She loves to be outdoors—walking, hiking, snowshoeing, and gardening—and spending time with her family. She’s proud to say she has one more semester left before all three children are launched into the real world!


Daniel works on the Customer Success team here at Litmus, focusing on onboarding our amazing API partners and making sure they have all the tools they need to help make email better. Though he previously worked in business development and sales in various industries, his goal was always to ensure that the partners and customers he worked with felt they were getting more out of the relationship than they were giving, which is what brought him to Litmus. He loves the passion we have for our customers and partners!

Outside of work, he’s all about family. The oldest of 11 siblings and father of 3 boys under 4 years old, he’s generally attending birthdays, cookouts, graduations, or looking for a babysitter. Otherwise, he loves to play guitar, read, volunteer, and travel, as well as treat his wife Alanna to some time away from the chaos of a busy house.


Between catered lunches, a remote-friendly environment, 28 vacation days, and so much more, Litmus is a great place to work. And, guess what? We’re hiring!

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