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Here’s What We Learned at Litmus Live Boston 2018

Our second event of the year—Litmus Live Boston—just wrapped. With three days of hands-on workshops, inspiring sessions, and hanging out with fellow email geeks, we’re exhausted but inspired. We walked away with heads full of ideas for how to make our emails even better.

Couldn’t make it to Litmus Live Boston? Don’t worry. Here’s a recap of our top three takeaways.

1. Focus, focus, focus.

We all have a lot on our plates. Which means that far too often, we try to multitask to fit everything in—especially when it comes to competing goals and CTAs in our email campaigns. But truth is: The secret to successful campaigns is a laser-focus. Think about the one goal you want to achieve with each email, and then have every element of your email—from visuals to copy to calls-to-action—work towards that goal.

2. Empathy is key to a successful marketing program

Successful email marketing is all about creating long-lasting connections between your subscribers and your brand—and this can only work if you understand the feelings, needs, and pain points of your audience. Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and understand not only their goals, but also their limitations. It will make you a better marketer, and your emails more successful.

3. The best way to move your emails to the next level? Learn from others.

Whether you’re an email beginner or a true coding wizard—there’s always room to make your emails better. Subscribe to the brands you love, take the time to analyze what makes their emails great, and then adapt those techniques to your own email marketing program.

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