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Litmus Live Boston 2019: A Recap in Tweets

Litmus Live Boston has come and gone—and our couple of days with email geeks were packed with amazing sessions and workshops, networking, and a seriously busy Twitter feed.

Couldn’t make it to Boston? Feeling some serious email geek FOMO and thinking about joining us in San Francisco in November? We pulled together our favorite takeaways and advice in tweet form:

Remember that your subscribers are real people, not just a list of names—be empathetic and authentic.

It’s so easy to get caught up in numbers and engagement when you’re looking at your email program. How many people opened your email, engaged with it in any way, converted… but it’s imperative to remember that behind every open there’s a human. Your subscribers are real people. They want engaging content, they want to feel included, and they don’t want an impersonal cold email.

This certainly was on everyone’s minds this year at Litmus Live (and this is only a small handful of tweets on the subject):

Accessibility is not a progressive enhancement.

We’re stealing this from Heidi Olsen’s session on data visualization, but it’s so appropriate:

The world is growing, changing, and aging, and the world’s email subscribers are coming along for the ride. More people are accessing email on a wider variety of devices and types of connections than ever before. It’s becoming more and more important to make your emails accessible for everyone—not just because of the value it gives your program, but because it’s the morally right thing to do.

There’s something new every day in the email world. You can always learn and innovate.

There are so many new things to play with in email—AMP, Dark Mode, interactivity, to name a few—and it’s exciting to include these in our own email programs. Each change provides its own challenges, and they can be hard to overcome. But change also means new opportunities to improve your program. Don’t be afraid to experiment—and to fail.

We’ve all made some incredible #emailgeeks friends and chosen family.

Maybe you’ve been chatting with fellow email geeks on Twitter or Slack for a long time but never met in person, or you joined a brand new wolf pack. No matter the situation, new and old #emailgeek friends unite at Litmus Live:

Email geeks are also an incredibly supportive audience. We had so many first-time speakers this year and want to give a little shout out to them:

Plus, email geeks are incredibly generous. At Litmus Live this year we partnered with Pine Street Inn and unlocked a $5,000 donation from Litmus, in addition to donations from attendees.

We launched the brand new, redesigned Litmus platform

In addition to all of the excitement going on with sessions and workshops, we also announced our new, redesigned Litmus platform. You can now build, test, review, and analyze every email in one seamless view—and to celebrate that, we gave a little demo at Litmus Live!

Litmus Live is even better in person

Seriously missing out on all of this #emailgeek love? We’ve got one more conference this year in San Francisco (November 14-15) and a few tickets are still available. Plus, we’ve got some incredible workshops on interactive email, lifecycle campaigns, and email design and development.

If you join us in San Francisco, you’ll get the recordings and slides for sessions from all three conferences this year, so don’t miss out on your last chance for this wealth of email knowledge!