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Litmus Live London 2019: A Recap in Tweets

Last week, we held our first conference of the year—Litmus Live London. Our day with Europe’s finest email geeks was jam packed with inspiring sessions, networking, and tons of excellent takeaways.

Couldn’t make it to London? Interested in what the hubbub was about and thinking of joining us for Boston or San Francisco later this year? Don’t worry. Twitter was abuzz with quotes and actionable advice all throughout the day, and we’ve rounded up our favorites here:

Email is complicated—and it’s certainly NOT dead. It’s your MVP.

There’s a lot of news out there that “email is dead.” We think it’s safe to say that’s not true, and our Litmus Live speakers agree. Email marketing is as valuable as ever, but it’s important to remember that there’s a lot that goes into making an email.

Accessibility helps everyone, so just do it.

The world is growing, changing, and aging, and the world’s email subscribers are coming along for the ride. More people are accessing email on a wider variety of devices and types of connections than ever before.

There are around 3 billion email users worldwide, and none of those users are the same. Creating accessible emails is easier than you think, and by doing so you’ll reach a wider audience than ever. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Keep innovating and experimenting, but be responsible.

Does interactive email peak your interest? Have you been itching to include a live Twitter feed in your email? What about off-grid design? Bold colors?

Do it! Innovating and experimenting with your emails is part of growing your program. Don’t be afraid to fail and jump headfirst into a new project or a new direction—you’ll learn something no matter what. Spread your creative wings!

Be careful of trying new things that don’t have your subscribers’ best interests in mind, though. Don’t trick your subscribers and betray their trust.

The #emailgeeks community is as supportive and friendly as ever.

We <3 #emailgeeks. If there’s one thing we took away from Litmus Live London, it’s that email geeks from around the world love to learn from each other, and when we all get together, we don’t want to leave!

Litmus Live is even better in person

You can still join us this year! We’re coming to Boston (October 9-11) and San Francisco (November 14-15) and a few tickets are still available. Plus, we’ve got some incredible workshops in both cities on interactive email, lifecycle campaigns, email design and development, and building and nurturing your email team.

If you join us in Boston or San Francisco, you’ll get the recordings and slides for sessions from all three conferences this year, so don’t miss out on this wealth of email knowledge!