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Litmus Live San Francisco 2019: A Recap in Tweets

Litmus Live 2019 has come to a close, with our last stop in San Francisco last week. As always, we had an incredible two days with email geeks across dozens of sessions, three workshops, and networking opportunities.

Couldn’t make it to San Francisco? We pulled together our favorite takeaways and advice shared on Twitter during Litmus Live SF.

Accessibility is (and always should be) integral to your email programs.

As Matt Helbig from Really Good Emails reiterated in his session, accessibility should be the foundation of all email creation. It benefits everyone—from those with permanent, temporary, and situational disabilities—so there’s no reason to not include it in the workflow for every email you send.

Use empathy in your emails—but not just for empathy’s sake.

Behind every subscriber is a real person. Your content and language should connect with the people you send it to. Be empathetic when crafting your emails, but don’t send out something that only you would understand—and remember that biased opinions don’t allow you to see the whole picture.

Things change in email all the time, but don’t let that keep you from experimenting.

Sometimes in email, we find fixes to things and we can’t explain why it works, it just does. Email clients and apps change all the time—maybe an email client drops or adds support for something and that creates a domino effect on the rest of your email—but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with new techniques. When it comes to new things like AMP, be sure to take the time you need and put fallbacks in place so you can try new things without breaking your email program in the process.

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