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Litmus Live 2021 Speaker: Meet Lyla Rozelle—With Email & In-app Messaging Best Practices

Litmus Live—THE conference for email marketers—is almost here! This October 26th-27th, you’ll get how-tos, tips, and advice from marketing leaders and email marketing experts like Lyla Rozelle.

Lyla Rozelle

Lyla Rozelle
Senior Growth Manager, Appcues
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Lyla’s Litmus Live session will cover best practices for in-app & email and how to use insights from email in in-app messaging to drive product adoption and growth. (See the full Litmus Live agenda.)

Let’s find out more about Lyla…

What’s your email marketing origin story?

I started out as a customer success manager, and we had no marketing team (yet). I was thinking, “Dang, we really should have an email for when people sign up!” or “What if we had a separate email for when people were invited to an account?” As my marketing career progressed, I thought about it from a customer perspective. Probably overthought it from a customer perspective… anyway. 🙂

What do you love about email marketing?

Getting to know people through their inboxes! My favorite is when you get some reaction to an email (good or bad!). The few that really rocked people’s worlds at my previous companies still stick with me.

Some highlights: mixed reactions to a medical marijuana webinar (held on 4/20), someone meeting me in person not thinking I was real because they received automated onboarding emails from me, and, of course, that awesome Litmus Halloween email where we turned off the lights in 2019.

What do you find most challenging?

The balance between too little and too much. We have to do so much work to make sure you’re not getting too much in your inbox, but sending too little can sometimes lead to audiences missing information. I love email and like getting it, but not everyone feels like I do.

The other challenge is explaining email to others in your organization. I think we’ve all had to talk leaders out of an “email blast.”

Can you give us a sneak peek into your part at Litmus Live?

I’ll talk a little about that same concept of balance and how you can mix up the channels where you reach people, but using the same principles we use in good email marketing.

I have leaned on in-app messaging to spread out communications and reach people at the right moment with the right message. It’s such a great partner to email. I love seeing more and more marketers take charge of this channel.

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How do you expect email marketing to change in the near future?

I expect there to be more tools and more ways to personalize communications outside of just pure demographic information. We’ll need to adapt to changing privacy requirements and expectations from audiences, and learn how to do more with less.

I also expect accessible design to take more of a center stage, as improvements to mail clients take a security and privacy first approach and take steps to remove old standbys like pre-loaded remote content.

What’s an email you enjoyed in your own inbox recently?

I got this email this summer from Clearbit and kept it around because I just think it’s so fun. The copy is cute and engaging, with some silly images and light humor. I’m a sucker for anything funny, so hats off to the team over at Clearbit for making me smile!

Clearbit email

Magan Le

Magan Le

Magan Le was a Content Marketing Manager at Litmus