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[Litmus Live Videos] Email Accessibility Tips from the Pros


Accessibility matters. Whether your motivation is ethical, legal, or financial, the simple fact is having accessible emails ensures more people can consume your content. Every one of your subscribers benefit from more accessible email, no matter what their abilities may be.

Email accessibility benefits everyone—and ensures more people can consume your content.

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But what steps can you take to ensure your email programs are accessible and inclusive to your entire audience?

Email accessibility tips from the world’s leading email marketers

We curated the most popular Litmus Live sessions around email accessibility to give you insights into how some of the world’s best email marketers make their emails accessible to all of their subscribers. Each session provides actionable advice on how you can make your email programs more inclusive.

Accessibility in Action: The Challenges and Opportunities of Implementation

Paul Airy, Beyond the Envelope

As email designers, developers, and marketers, we’re all passionate about delivering great email experiences to our subscribers. As such, we understand and appreciate the importance of accessibility in email. But how do we go about implementing accessibility in our email campaigns? Paul Airy walks you through how to persuade the senior leaders within your organization of its value, know how many resources you need to commit to it, and where you should prioritize.

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A Deep Dive into Email Accessibility

Mark Robbins, Salesforce

Learn the basics of email accessibility—including common mistakes and misconceptions—before diving into accessibility for more advanced email techniques like dynamic images and interactive emails.

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The Great Mess of Alternative Text

Rémi Parmentier, Tilt Studio

From accessibility to blocked image rendering, alternative text is an important part of email coding. But the differences in rendering and styling possibilities between browsers and email clients can be staggering. Welcome to Rémi Parmentier’s deep technical dive on the great mess that is alternative text.

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Seniors and UX: Designing for an Aging Population

Michael Hill, Erickson Living

By 2020, 35% of the world’s population will be older than 50 years. An aging population poses unique challenges for email marketers, while providing massive opportunities for businesses that overcome those challenges. Learn how to better engage a maturing segment of subscribers by tackling the distinct design, development, and testing hurdles presented by the modern demographic revolution.

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Whitney Rudeseal Peet

Whitney Rudeseal Peet

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