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Live Optimization Workbook: Newsletters


Live Optimization. You’ve probably seen it in person or during our virtual Litmus Live events.

It’s our opportunity to gather email marketing and design experts to review real emails… live. More importantly, it’s a unique way to learn from experts, see how subscribers react when they open up campaigns, and have some fun in the process. But how do you take advantage of that feedback and apply it to your own campaigns—especially after the live event is over?

Enter: The Live Optimization Workbook.

We’ve collected some of our favorite email newsletters from past Live Optimization sessions—and feedback from email experts—and wrapped it up into a handy guide for you and your team. Grab your copy and start learning:

  • How email marketing experts think about email newsletters.
  • How to gather your team and compare your feedback to expert takes.
  • How to apply those takeaways to your own email newsletters.

See how your feedback—and your own newsletter—stacks up against advice from email marketing experts (me included!).

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