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Make It to the Inbox—Not the Spam Folder—with Litmus Spam Testing


When you create an email campaign, you work hard to craft the right message and the perfect design. But those hours and hours spent optimizing your copy and troubleshooting tricky rendering issues will be wasted if the email ends up in the spam folder instead of the inbox.

We know that understanding the nitty-gritty details that might cause your email to be sent to the spam folder is hard. Algorithms can change every day and keeping up with deliverability best practices can feel impossible.

That’s why we’ve built Litmus Spam Testing: To provide you with the insight and resources you need to identify and fix issues before you hit send—even if you aren’t a deliverability expert (yet).

Make it to the inbox, not the spam folder

Identify issues that might keep you from the inbox and get actionable help for how to fix them with Litmus Spam Testing.

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70% of emails show at least one spam-related issue that could impact deliverability

Litmus Spam Testing helps you make sure that your next email isn’t one of them. Litmus scans your emails against 25+ different tests, identifies issues that might keep you from the inbox, and provides actionable advice for how to fix them.

With Spam Testing you will …

  • Know if you’re blocklisted
    Check your IP addresses and domain names against common blocklists, and get notified if any of them could affect delivery.
  • Ensure your infrastructure is set up for success
    Validate that your email is being properly authenticated using DKIM and SPF, and ensure your DMARC record is set up correctly.
  • Pre-screen your messages across major spam filters
    Tests include spam filters from inbox providers and webmail services, as well as score-based filters frequently used for corporate spam filtering.
  • Get actionable advice to improve your email
    We flag issues that might keep your email from reaching the inbox—but we don’t stop there. We also give you actionable advice to help you troubleshoot problems and provide you with best practices and resources so you can improve your next campaign.

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Litmus Spam Testing is available on Litmus Plus plans and above. If you’re on one of these plans, you can run your first Spam Test right away.

If you’re new to Litmus, sign up for a trial of Litmus Plus and try Spam Testing free for 7 days, along with Checklist for a guided check of all critical elements in your email, Email Previews in all popular clients and devices, data insights with Email Analytics, and more.

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