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New in Litmus: Single Sign-On with SAML

Executing successful email campaigns is a complex process that involves many people, technologies—and often sensitive content and data. With Litmus’ new single sign-on with SAML integration, you can leverage your company’s Okta, OneLogin, or custom identity provider to ensure that your account is protected and only accessible by approved users.

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on is a way to authenticate and log into an application with just one set of credentials, rather than having to set up multiple usernames and passwords across different platforms. It’s a more secure process, as it prevents potentially losing or forgetting login credentials, and it allows companies to more easily manage user access to key technologies throughout their tech stack.

SAML is an open standard that powers single sign-on functionality between two systems: a service provider (in our case that’s Litmus) and an identity provider (that’s the system managing user access across your organization). Litmus’ single sign-on integration supports Okta, OneLogin, and custom identity providers.

Single sign-on via Okta

Single sign-on with SAML allows your team to:

  • Easily authenticate and manage user access: Single sign-on makes it easier for administrators to maintain full control over who has access to Litmus, and to easily add and remove user access if your team changes.
  • Comply with internal security standards: Do your internal security policies require all tools to be accessible via single sign-on? Enable single sign-on for your Litmus account to ensure compliance with internal protocols—and to keep your data safe.
  • Streamline the login process for your users: Users can now securely access Litmus with a single click—and without the need to remember separate login credentials.

Ready to enable single sign-on powered by SAML for your account?

Single sign-on with SAML is available to Litmus customers on an Enterprise plan. If you’re an account holder of a Litmus Enterprise account, you can work with your IT team to enable single sign-on right away. Read our help documentation for detailed instructions on how to connect your Litmus account to Okta, OneLogin, or your generic identity provider.

Not a Litmus Enterprise customer yet? Talk to a Litmus expert to learn more.

More Features to Keep Your Account Secure

Single sign-on with SAML is just one of the many advanced security features available in Litmus that help you protect sensitive content and data, and control user access. Find out more about all the ways that Litmus helps keep your account secure so that your team can build, test, and measure effective email campaigns to drive business results without risk.

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Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht was the Senior Content & Lifecycle Campaigns Manager at Litmus