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New in Litmus: Automatic Notifications in Slack


If your team uses Slack, you know how powerful the tool is. It’s where you keep in touch with your team, share project updates, and collaborate to get stuff done.

At Litmus, we’re big fans of Slack, too. That’s why we’re excited to share that you can now integrate Slack and Litmus to create an even more seamless email workflow and boost your team’s productivity. Connect your Litmus account with Slack, set up customizable notifications that help improve communication within your team, and ensure your email projects stay on track. Juggling multiple campaigns and stakeholders just got a whole lot easier! Here’s how.

  • Keep projects moving and streamline production with automatic Slack notifications  
    Hate chasing your team for feedback? With the new integration, you can get stakeholders involved right when you need them, without extra manual steps. Set up automatic Slack notifications to a channel or as a direct message to alert stakeholders when they need to take action and keep email production moving quickly.
  • Easily collaborate with teammates and stakeholders on Litmus projects, directly inside Slack
    Automatically share Litmus Proof comments and notifications with your stakeholders in Slack—where you’re already communicating with them—to improve collaboration and speed up review cycles.
  • Keep track of in-progress email projects
    If your team juggles multiple campaigns at the same time, it can be hard to keep on top of each project. With customizable notifications in Slack, keeping track of each campaign’s progress is easy. Get notified when your team creates a new Checklist or makes any changes, and see when Proofs have been created and when comments are made, for better visibility into email reviews and approval status.

Litmus’ integration for Slack is available on all plan types. Ready to bring your email workflow to the next level? Learn how to connect Litmus and Slack and get started today.

Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht

Bettina Specht was the Senior Content & Lifecycle Campaigns Manager at Litmus