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Samsung Now in Email Analytics


At the beginning of May 2017, Samsung devices accounted for over 50% of the Android device market share, making the Samsung the most popular Android device manufacturer in the world. With this level of popularity, you’re likely to have some Samsung device owners in your subscriber list.

Now you can see just how many of your subscribers use a Samsung device to open email with Litmus’ Email Analytics.

Why is this information useful?

Understanding which devices and email clients your subscribers open email in can help streamline and focus your email building efforts. If the majority of your subscribers open email in Gmail rather than Outlook email clients, you can spend less time trying to optimize your email for Outlook and more time focussing on the clients that really matter to your audience.

How to find Samsung users

In your Litmus account, navigate to your Email Analytics. Click on a campaign name you want to view the analytics for, and under the title “Your Report” click on “Email Clients”. On this page, you’ll see the different email clients, operating systems, and mobile devices your subscribers use to open email, including opens on Samsung.

Plus, we drill down and show you which version of the Android operating system your subscribers use:

Samsung Email Analytics

The opens tracked are for emails opened in the default Samsung mail app on the device. If a subscriber opens an email in the Gmail app on a Samsung device, Email Analytics will identify that as a Gmail open rather than Samsung, for example.

What else can I do with Email Analytics?

Go beyond opens and clicks and see where your subscribers open and if they read, skimmed, or deleted your email. Track forwards and prints, compare engagement by device, and more. Combine the data from Email Analytics with email performance metrics supplied by your email service provider (ESP) to create a more personalized email experience for your subscribers.

Discover your Samsung Subscribers

Learn how many subscribers open your email on a Samsung device with Litmus’ Email Analytics.

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Jaina Mistry

Jaina Mistry

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