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The 18 Sessions We’re Most Excited About at Litmus Live

The countdown is on for Litmus Live! We’re so excited to bring our email marketing conference to Boston, London, and San Francisco this year for a few days of networking and general email nerdiness.

This year’s sessions are packed with real-world advice and tips you’ll be able to start implementing as soon as you’re back from the conference. Plus, there are over 60 sessions this year, a record number for us. And the coolest thing? When you buy a ticket to one conference, you’ll receive video recordings of the sessions from all three cities. That’s over 30 hours of tricks, tips, and email learning, and a huge value for money.

There are so many great sessions on the agenda this year that we thought about listing the entire thing in this blog post. But instead, we’ve picked a few of our most highly anticipated sessions so you can get a sense of what Litmus Live will be like (and what you’ll miss out on if you don’t join us!).

If you want to see the full picture of what content you’ll have access to with a ticket to Litmus Live, check out the full agendas for Boston, London, and San Francisco.

Litmus Live Boston, August 2-4

Litmus Live Boston is our largest conference of the three cities, with three tracks covering marketing, email design and development, and workflow, planning and process.


  • Data-Driven Design: Intelligently Applying Best Practices
    Logan Baird, Emma
    Learn how to use your subscriber data to guide your design choices and make the right choice for your brand, rather than what’s considered the “best practice.”
  • Automating Your Email Development Cycle
    Jeremy Peter, meltmedia
    Learn how to improve the quality and speed of your email development using boilerplates, HTML snippets, and build tools like Gulp to do common tasks for you, taking your email production game to the next level.


  • Branding in a Box: How to Translate Your Brand into Email
    Belinda Blakley, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
    Using three case studies, examples from well‐known brands, and the theory of graceful degradation, you’ll learn how to fully develop and express your brand through email. You’ll walk away with strategies, code examples, and inspiration for you to get your out‐of‐the‐box brand packed nicely into an email.
  • Email’s Role in Cross‑Channel Orchestration
    Matt Vollmer, Listrak
    Dive into real-world creative and targeting tactics to help you get started in channels that work with email like SMS and paid social. We’ll also look at how you can take what you’ve already learned from email and use it to test tactics in new channels.


  • How to Run a Successful Email Planning Workshop
    Lindsay Brothers, Indeed
    Learn how to plan a workshop for developing a unified email strategy where you can ideate, iterate, and come to a consensus quickly across multiple stakeholders.
  • Getting Started with Interactive Email
    Alice Li, Shutterstock
    Explore quick and repeatable solutions for adding interactivity to any email, as well as the tools to experiment on your own, including a style guide full of pre-coded elements to get started, a high-level workflow of how to integrate interactivity in email and a handy list of resources to help on every step of the way.

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Litmus Live London, August 29-30

To make it easy for you to get the most out of Litmus Live London, the second day’s sessions are split into two tracks—marketing and design and development.

  • Email as Art: Taking Email Design to the Next Level
    Sam Beddoes, Action Rocket
    Learn how to move email design beyond ESP templates and how to use standard practices to create something that feels beautiful and unique.
  • Content: It’s Still King
    Robert Dawson Scott, STV plc
    Learn how you can put the right people in charge of the content while still retaining overall control of your emails.


  • The Future of Images in Email
    Mark Robbins, Rebel
    This session will take a deep dive into different kinds of image formats, HTML elements, and CSS styles and how to start using them in your emails today.
  • Using Forms in Email
    Cyrill Gross, Mayoris
    Contrary to what many email marketers think, forms work fairly well in email, and can create a positive impact on conversion rates.


  • The New GDPR: Are You Prepared?
    Rosa Hafezi, eco
    Understand what the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means for your email marketing program and how to comply.
  • 5 Things I Learned About Relevancy From Sending 53 Million Emails
    Becs Rivett-Kemm, Conversio
    Learn how including video tutorials, preference centers, and plain text messages in your email strategy can improve retention and reduce unsubscribes.

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Litmus Live San Francisco, September 21-22

Like London, we’ve split the second day’s sessions are split into two tracks, marketing, and email design and development.

  • Not Just Pretty Numbers: Making Data-driven Design Decisions
    Alex Kelly, MailChimp
    Explore how visual elements like layout, color, and text length can impact campaign engagement, and learn some best practices for email design.
  • Practical Tips for Designing, Running and Measuring Impactful Experiments
    Tyler Michel, Square
    Email is uniquely great for experimentation. Learn how to use the right balance of art and science to expand your impact far beyond the scope of the channel.


  • Streamline Your Email Development Workflow with Gulp
    Jonathan Chinchilla, Nest
    Get a unique perspective on how Nest has been able to streamline their email development workflow using Gulp.
  • Localization at Scale
    Erin Turner, Udemy
    Learn how to build an email in multiple languages in the same time it takes to build it in just English, using the power of scalability and automation.


  • How to Handle an Email Marketing Emergency
    Sarah Esterman, Simple
    Using Simple’s own case study of a genuine email marketing emergency, you’ll learn how to respond, and what to do to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place.
  • When, Where, and How to Personalize Email Marketing
    Vicky Ge, Amazon
    This session presents case studies where personalization makes a meaningful difference and proposes frameworks for scoping, developing, and testing new types of relevancy.

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