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Litmus Live 2016: Here’s What We Learned In Boston

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Litmus Live (formerly known as The Email Design Conference) brings the email community together to celebrate their craft and give email professionals a platform to learn, share, and grow. With sessions covering everything from marketing strategy to innovative email development techniques and production processes, you’ll take away actionable advice that will have immediate impact.

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It’s our biggest event of the year: Litmus Live in Boston. With more attendees, workshops, and speakers than ever before, this year we had a blast geeking out over email right in Litmus’ backyard (our HQ is across the river in Cambridge, MA.)

We spent three crazy days learning everything there is to know about email. We geeked out about animation with Austin Woodall, held our breaths during live optimization, were inspired to become design leaders with Andrea Mignolo, and met a ton of new friends at speed dating and the after parties.

On top of that, we announced a game-changing partnership with Microsoft Outlook to help #MakeEmailBetter.

Couldn’t make it to Boston? Don’t worry! Relive the best moments with inspiring quotes and actionable takeaways from our speakers and catch our favorite social media moments from Twitter. (Or, join us in San Francisco! A few tickets are still available.)

Tips straight from the experts

Check out these 28 key takeaways from Litmus Live Boston.

Our favorite Twitter takeaways

Push The Envelope & Think Outside The Box (Literally)

What would you do for a Litmus pillow?

A lot, we found. Pillows were so sought after, we saw an explosion of memes:

And a new website (!):

Yes, there was brisket.

Kristin Bond (aka @EmailSnarketing) finally let the email community know what the heck the obsession with brisket was about—especially with yummy brisket sliders at Coppersmith.

Thanks for making #LitmusLive awesome

It wouldn’t be an amazing conference without you, our email geeks. Thanks for making #LitmusLive awesome.

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